Activate your feedback report

Get started with Handle by activating your feedback report. Watch this short (3m:39sec) video and see just how easy it is to connect all of your customer review sites to handle so you can see at a glance how your business is managing customer feedback and what you can do to optimise and manage your process and your business reputation.

If you'd rather read than watch, thats fine, we've transcribed the video below.


Activating your feedback report is straightforward. Simply click the activate button. You will be presented with the list of customer feedback platforms that we can connect to. So, those include Facebook. If you’ve got a Facebook page with reviews. Check that Trustpilot if you’ve got a just product. And finally Google. So, if you use Google reviews you can connect to all of those. Once you’re happy click continue.

So the first thing we’re going to do is connect to Facebook. So click that button and we will establish a secure connection and be handed over to Facebook. As you can see I’m using test environment here but obviously when you arrive you will see the Handel logo and it will say Handle will receive your public profile. So again one thing to call out is that this doesn’t allow us to post anything to Facebook on your behalf. We are not interested in that and we never will. We simply need to connect your Facebook accounts so that we can analyse and help you improve your Facebook pages.

So lets continue and again here it will ask you to allow connection to your Facebook pages so click ok.

Excellent. So the secure connection to Facebook has now been completed. You can see here these are the Facebook pages that I manage and I need to choose the one that I want to add reviews into Handle. So in this instance I’m going to choose Handle.

Once you’ve done that click continue.

Great, so that’s now done. Facebook has been added to our feedback report.

Next we’re going to look at Trustpilot. So if you’ve already connected your website report this field will actually be pre-populated with the website that you entered there, just to try and save you time.

If you want to connect to a different Trustpilot account simply add in the URL of the website that your business is associated to. Once we’ve checked that it actually exists on Trustpilot you’ll get this ‘found’. As we’ve seen before. When you’re happy simply click continue.

So that final step to connecting your Google reviews to Handle. Now we’ve tried to save you a bit of time here by pre-populating the trading name of your business that you supplied when you signed up along with the trading address of your business when you signed up. What we’ve seen with quiet a few of our customers is that actually the name that they’ve submitted to Google is slightly different to their trading name. So it’s worth double checking for example ours is Handle, not Handle Limited and our postcode is Nottingham.

Once you’ve double-checked that information, press the find with Google button and we will go and take a look at Google and try and identify your business based on the information that you’ve put in here.

Select the correct business from the list. If there’s more than one, scroll through and make sure you’re picking the right one. When you’re happy, click activate feedback and Google will be connected to your feedback report.

Handle will now analyse all of those feedback platforms and bring them all into your Handle feedback report. It will give you an overview of the quality of your feedback, are they good bad or indifferent.

It’ll also help you understand the regularity so, are your customers feedback back to you on a regular basis and similarly are you managing those reviews in particular than negative ones.