Activate your feedback report

If you need help activating your feedback report the video below will talk you through it.

If you'd prefer to read how to activate your feedback report, the video has been transcribed below.


The FSB Business Profiling feedback report currently works with Trust Pilot reviews and also Google reviews. To activate you can select one or both of those if they’re appropriate to your business and then click continue.

We’re going to start off by connecting Trust Pilot.

This is really straight forward, so all we need in order to do this is your company website. So if you’ve already activated your website report this field will be pre-populated with what you’ve provided. If it isn’t you just need to add in the URL of your website and then we will go and check that an account exists in Trust Pilot and if it does we will give you this ‘found’ message. If it doesn’t you can try a different URL or you can go and create your Trust Pilot account. Once you’ve done that click continue and FSB Business Profiling will start connecting up to Trust Pilot.

Secondly, we’re going to look at Google Reviews.

Now, the process for activating this is slightly different but pretty straight forward. We try to help you out here by populating the trading name field with the business name you gave us when you signed up. Now, obviously this might not always be correct so if this isn’t how people find your business, then you can change this. So in this instance what somebody might search for on Google is Dial a flight. Now in order that we find the right business on Google, called Dial a flight, we ask you to provide the postcode of your trading address, just so we can match that accurately. Pop your postcode in there, if it's different to the one you provided when you signed up. And then click the find with Google.

So what’s happened now, is we’ve gone and checked Google to see if there is an account with reviews for a business with the named Dial a flight at that trading address postcode. As you can see there’s one here so, select it from the list and then click activate feedback.

That’s it.

Both Trust Pilot and Google are now connected to FSB Business Profiling. It’ll take a little while to process that information and then your feedback report will build.

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