Activate your social report

Get started with Handle by activating your social media report. Watch this short (2m:40sec) video and see just how easy it is to connect your small business social media channels quickly and securely to handle so you can start understanding how to reach your audience at the best time, increase your followers and create posts those followers love.


Activating the Handle social report is both secure and simple. Simply click the blue activate button.

Here you will be given a list of social channels that you can connect to Handle. So, if you have a company Facebook page select that and if you have a Twitter Handle select that. When you’re happy click continue.

The first thing that we are going to do is connect Handle to Facebook so click that button and we will establish a secure connection with Facebook.

So you can see you’ll be taken over to Facebook to do that. Now I’m using the test environment to do this but when you land you will see the Handle logo and it will say Handle will receive your public profile. So the first thing to note is that this doesn’t allow us to post anything to Facebook so, we’re not interested in doing that we just need to connect your Facebook account so that we can analyse your Facebook pages and help you improve them. So, let’s do that, continue. And then we’ll ask you to manage your pages and this is what allows us to understand and analyse the performance of your Facebook pages. So, click ok.

So, that’s all been done, the secure connection with Facebook is now complete and you can see here these are the Facebook pages that I manage. The one that I want to connect to Handle in this case is Handle. So I’m going to click that and then click continue. And that’s it, Facebook page is now connected to Handle. Handle is now analysing that Facebook page and it will include that analysis in the social report once it’s complete.
While we’re waiting let’s quickly connect to Twitter. This is even more simple so you simply enter your Twitter handle into here so this is the Twitter account that you want Handle to analyse, once we’ve checked that that’s a valid account you’ll get the green found and then when you’re happy click activate and that will be done.

Handle will now analyse both of those social media channels and build the report. It will help you understand how you can optimise your schedule so that you’re posting at the right times. It will also help you understand your audience. So wide is your reach and how can you grow that and finally it will help you understand engagement, so are you saying things which are interesting to your audience and encourages them to take some sort of action which highlights them as a potential customer.