Activate your social report

For information on how to activate your social report you can watch this video, or alternatively it has also been transcribed below.


What we need to understand here is whether you have a Facebook page a Twitter handle or you don’t have either.

At the moment we’re integrated with Facebook and Twitter so this is the information we can pull from, to provide you with data on your performance across your social media accounts.

So, if you have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle, click both that apply.

Click continue and start by entering the URL for your Facebook page.

If you can’t remember this you can go to your Facebook page to copy and paste it into the box. Again we’ll tell you whether we’ve found it. Once we have, click continue, and we’ll start to collect the data from your Facebook page.

In the meantime enter your Twitter handle. Again we’ll search for it, and tell you when it’s found.

Then click the button saying activate social media.

Once again it takes a couple of minutes to process this information. So while you’re waiting activate another report.

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