Activate your website report

Get started with Handle by activating your website report. Watch this short video and see just how easy it is to connect your website to handle and start understanding how your business can get found more often in the search engines, ensure your website visitors get what they want when they arrive and build trust to turn more of those visitors into customers.

If you'd rather read than watch, we've transcribed the video for you below.


Activating the Handle website report is the simplest part of the setup process.

Simply click the blue 'activate' button.

Enter the URL of the website that you want Handle to analyse. It'll go away and just double check that, the website exists, you'll see the word 'found' come up when that's happened.

Click the green activate button and that's it.

Handle will now go away, analyse the website that you've entered, give you an overall score out of one thousand plus give you some guidance on how you can ensure your website is found, that people can use it when they get there and most importantly that they trust it enough to do business with you and to buy from you.