Social Media Master – Wk 2: Attract the right people

We like to practice what we preach here at Handle. As a small business ourselves we like to use our own Handle account to monitor our digital profile. This is the second instalment of a weekly series reflecting on how I have used our Handle social report to improve our strategy and gain results. Hopefully, this will give you ideas for your own social strategy and help you further understand how you can use Handle to your advantage. This week I have focused on boosting our follower strength score.

If you’ve any missed previous instalments and want to catch up I've linked them below.

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As I go forward with our social strategy, I am using our Handle social report to look at where we need to improve. This helps to build a base level and to continue growing our presence online. One of the weakest points was our follower strength score.


To improve our follower strength and gain a relevant following to attract the attention of the right people, I did research into who to follow and who to get following Handle. I started with Twitter initially as it is easier to be targeted with who we contact, follow and encourage to follow us. This level of flexibility is not available on LinkedIn and organic reach for Facebook pages is seriously compromised by the algorithm they employ to dictate users newsfeed placements.

I created a document containing influential users in our small business sector that had a Twitter following no larger than 25k. These accounts are influential but don’t represent a hugely crowded target so that hopefully we get noticed. The rationale for this was that users with more than 25k followers would likely be considered very powerful users that are targeted excessively by outreach activity. My list included small business entrepreneurs and specialists in the field.

You can download my target document template here if you want to run your own analysis.

I also put together a separate spreadsheet of heavy industry influencers across Twitter that we could target to try and really increase our reach. These twitter handles are either partners or small business groups. Gaining these users as followers or having our content shared by them, will create a large reach, potential prospects and good exposure for Handle.

To aid the process of following users, I have signed up to the tool Crowdfire. This is a free or paid tool that allows me to keep track of who’s following Handle, who’s unfollowed, our fans, our competitor’s followers and keyword users. Having all this information at hand makes it easy to see if the right people are following Handle and it allows me to keep track of how many people have followed and unfollowed Handle on Twitter each day.


To gain more reach on LinkedIn I personally joined relevant small business LinkedIn groups so I could comment on posts, and subtly direct users to Handle content where it is relevant. Using LinkedIn groups to our advantage can place us in the sight of small business owners, however this can be time consuming and also needs to be done in a transparent and honest way otherwise group admins will simply remove me from the groups.

For more information on LinkedIn groups check out this article by Hootsuite.

We will be following our social media progress over the next few weeks in a series of blog posts. If you've missed our previous posts in the series click the links below to be redirected.

  1. How we’re using Handle to become a social media master – Wk 1

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