Beating the competition online: The Phoenix Artist Club

The Phoenix Artist Club, which is located in the heart of London's Theatre-land, has been turned into a multi award-winning theatre bar, restaurant and community performance space by Managing Director Ken Wright and his team.

Ken Wright Managing Director of The Phoenix Artist Club

Having assumed control in 2012, the new team began a rolling refurbishment, not just on the outward appearance of the business but also introducing new technologies to help prepare the business for future growth including; independent fibre-optic Wi-Fi, cloud based business systems, and critically, established a strong web and social media presence.

Operating in such a highly competitive market, having a means of effectively building an audience and consistently reaching that audience is critical. The Phoenix Artist Club have embraced social media as a strategic element of their business marketing strategy, now boasting a social following of over 10,000 which continues to grow.

This effort was also recognised in 2016, adding to a string of industry awards, the club was recognised nationally for its 'Best Use of Social Media - Community Club of the Year', in the inaugural 'Club Mirror Social Media Awards'.

The Phoenix Artist Club

For a business with such a wide variety of digital channels and with such an emphasis on digital, Handle provides a director level view for Managing Director, Ken Wright.

"I find the big picture view of my business very useful. I use it like a digital safety net, ensuring we’re on the right track and to check in on the performance of the more technical areas of the business.

Our social media platforms contribute significantly to our success and to compete we need to be active online all of the time. Handle ensures we stay at the top of our game, helps identify weaknesses and play to our strengths."

Handle also helps Ken’s team uncover some of the detail around opportunities or when understanding issues. Development Director, Peter Dunbar, manages all of the business’s social media and website activity, he used the Handle keyword feature to assess and optimise their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

“Having checked our keyword performance with Handle I realised we weren’t performing quite as well as we hoped for certain search terms. We’ve now made an adjustment to our SEO strategy so I’m hopeful that we’ll start to see the impact of that over time.”

“As an Independent tool, I find Handle a useful way to check on our performance. We’re a small business so we need to do everything, it’s helpful to be prompted each month to ensure we’re being effective. I’m always looking for ways to maximise the impact we get from any time and effort we invest and Handle helps me do that.”