Coming Soon - The new Handle website report

We have some exciting news for you all. We are currently working on a major update to the Handle website report and we wanted to give you a sneak preview and also let you in on the process we’ve been through.

The new website report will be available for all Handle users next week.

Handle website report

Speaking to our users

To kick start this process we went and spoke to some of our super users to get first-hand feedback on the current website report. We got some robust, but highly valuable insight that highlighted the problems that small business owner’s face and how they use and navigate their current Handle website report.

Handle website report feedback

From the feedback we found that there were three main themes that our customers struggled with:

  • Time: I don’t have enough of it
  • Understanding: How does this help me achieve my goals?
  • Action: What should I do now to improve?

Handle website report findings

We’re improving

To combat the areas highlighted by our customers we have gone back to the drawing board and made a complete overhaul of the website report. What we have designed should now be; easy to navigate, show you exactly how to improve your website and take you less time to get the answers you need.


At a top level the most important things about a website are; can people find your website, when they find it can they then use it and finally do they trust it enough to give you their contact details or make a purchase? 

Handle website report cards

The new website report has been aligned to these three key areas so you can quickly see which part of your website needs attention, why it needs attention and then of course what you can do to improve it.

Richer information

The new layout is simpler, easier to navigate and more visual. It has been designed to offer a simple process that helps you get from problem to solution easily and quickly.

Handle website report design process

When you start exploring each area of your website report you will get a detailed description of why each part of your website is good, bad or average. If you want to take steps to make improvements to that area, Handle will create a tailored action plan for you with specific resources, tools and services that you can use to quickly zero in on and fix the area causing you an issue.

Handle website report action plan

Your action plan also helps you prioritise what to do based on; the impact it will deliver, the time it takes and the level of complexity.

We're here to help.

Handle website report support

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone. If you have any questions about any of the actions or the Handle website report generally you can contact us here at Handle and we’ll do our best to help you improve.

While you’re waiting…

The new report will be available next week but in the meantime, we recommend you take a look at your current website score so that you can see how well your website is performing at moment.

When the new report goes live, your current scores will be removed so you won’t be able to see if your website score has gone up, down or remained the same.

Finally, we want to give a special mention to all of our customers that gave us feedback and took part in our user testing over the last few months. Your feedback and insight is the best way for us to continue improving Handle so that we can make it the best digital tool for small business owners.

If you’d be interested in being involved with future user testing and product development, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].