Social Media Master – Wk 3: Create the right content

We like to practice what we preach here at Handle. As a small business ourselves we like to use our own Handle account to monitor our digital profile. This is the third instalment of a weekly series reflecting on how I have used our Handle social report to improve our strategy and gain results. Hopefully, this will give you ideas for your own social strategy and help you further understand how you can use Handle to your advantage. This week I have focused on content creation to engage and grow Handle’s followers.

If you’ve any missed previous instalments and want to catch up I've linked them below.

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A weekly element of our social strategy, is to take a step back and check our Handle scores, this helps to refocus the strategy and helps me maintain focus on the weakness that our social score has highlighted.

In our case a lack of follower strength and engagement were the main focus. To focus in on how to gain more followers, I looked into what content we should be creating, here's an article from Hootsuite that I found useful. As part of a restructured content strategy, I created a content calendar to schedule blog posts into employees timetables to make sure that there is enough new content to be posted each week.

You can download my content calendar here to manage your own content schedule.

Being consistent in posting to our social channels will hopefully keep our existing followers engaged and gain the interest of new followers. Keeping people interested in our social media accounts is all about the content we are providing. I aim to create content that will appeal to them as business owners. To create B2B content on social media, I will incorporate:

  • practical guides
  • hot topics
  • research and insights
  • case studies
  • infographics
  • authoritative industry news

This content could be created by us or sourced from relevant and authoritative industry specialists.

The rule of thirds

When scheduling content for Twitter I am working off the rule of thirds (for more information about the rule of thirds check out this Hootsuite post). There will be three scheduled posts per day:

  1. one third of the content will be promoting Handle
  2. one third will share ideas from either our own content or an industry leader
  3. one third will be based off interactions with other users and followers

The content posted will also relate to the five reports featured in Handle; social, website, finance, credit and feedback.

To schedule Handle’s content, I will be using Hootsuite. This tool allows me to schedule posts in advance to all three of our channels. Keeping all post information in a spreadsheet is an easy way to make sure content is on-track and on schedule.

Repurposing of content

As a way to create differing and new content our own curated blog posts/articles etc. will be stretched out to provide more than one post. For example, a blog post could be translated into a GIF, webinar, infographic or podcast. One bit of information can be used in various posts without reposting the same link, creating more varied content and different ways to engage followers.

We will be following our social media progress over the next few weeks in a series of blog posts. If you've missed our previous posts in the series click the links below to be redirected.

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