Disrupting a market online: The Director-e

The Director-e is a new online recruitment and placement job search platform, exclusively for Senior, Executive and Professional candidates.

The Director-e team are on a mission to ensure that experienced, senior managers and executives get a fair crack of the whip, securing the job offers, placements and opportunities that they have earned through many years operating at the pinnacle of performance.

Director-e managing director Les Phillimore

Led by Managing Director Les Phillimore; the Director-e have ambitious and accelerated growth plans. Given the recruitment market; in all its forms, exists almost entirely online, they will be leveraging the full arsenal of digital tools and techniques to penetrate the market, drive growth and positively disrupt an established marketplace.

The Director-e has attracted a talent-led and hands-on senior management team that have deployed the business's complex online platform and presence quickly. Their website is fully mobile optimised, provides a portal for both candidates and recruiters to manage applications on-line and, for a relatively new website, has already established a highly viable presence through top-notch SEO that is delivering enviable organic search rankings in a highly competitive market.

Director-e digital meeting

The Director-e is fortunate to benefit form a digital director well acquainted with the nuances of the Google algorithm, which explains the rapid rise in organic search rank, but Les also needed a top level view of business performance that he could quickly dip into without needing to dive into Google Analytics or other online platforms.

"As a layman I understand the high-level concepts of digital marketing but not the specifics on a strategic and analytic level, the business needs a real-time unbiased snapshot view of our website's development status supported by an overarching online quality score."

"Handle helps me understand, in simple terms, where our efforts are needed the most and perhaps, equally or more importantly, it helps me ask better questions of my team."

" I always think of Handle as a wise owl sitting on my shoulder. Yes, it tells me when we do things well, but it also challenges me to ask 'how do we become even better?'"

As with any new venture, time and resource is a challenge, but being able to quickly track performance and understand key areas for improvement has been critical during the early stages of the business. Les was also one of the earliest users of Handle as he needed an overview of his business's digital performance from day 1, but like most small business owners he operates on a strict budget.

"Our business is relentlessly focused on how we can best serve out customers and candidates and grow and improve our service in innovation; future facing and creative ways whilst delivering the most impact for the business from out investments. Handle provides me with an independent, real-time and easy to understand steer on how to tick the critical boxes in the digital world."