Get Handle on the move

Handle is better on mobile, quickly check your business's digital profile whenever and wherever you are.

Coming soon, you'll be able to download the Handle app.

But until then, you can still access Handle quickly and easily on the move.

Here are 5 simple steps to have Handle at your fingertips, by adding it to your phone's homepage.

Step 1.

Handle link step 1 on iphone

Open up your safari app.

Step 2.

Handle link step 2 on iphone

Type in ‘’ into your search bar and you'll be taken to the Handle website.

Step 3.

Handle link step 3 on iphone

Once you’re on the Handle website tap the ‘share’ button that's at the bottom centre of your screen.

Step 4.

Handle link step 4 on iphone

A menu will pop up with a variety of options. Click the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button.

Step 5.

Handle link step 5 in iphone

The next page you’ll see will be the confirmation page. Once you’re happy tap the ‘add’ button in the top right corner of your screen.

Handle link on iphone homepage

And there you have it.

You can now easily access Handle from your phone.

Whenever you want to access your Handle account this icon will take you directly to the website.

Let us know if you have any questions about the coming soon Handle app, just get in touch with us at [email protected].