Handle small business insight report Q1 2017

Pages of the Handle small business insight report Q1 2017

About the small business insight report
This report has been created to shine a light on UK small business's digital readiness and performance, highlighting the key challenges faced by small business owners as they look to compete in the digital world.

It's clear that small businesses understand the need for digital and are actively embracing it but the pace of change in online behaviour and the use of information by customers, suppliers, financiers and key partners remains a major obstacle to success.

Small businesses are struggling to be found online, are unable to unlock the value of social media, don't effectively manage online customer reviews and almost a decade after the credit crunch, the vast majority of businesses are still not in a position where they can be considered lending ready.

All of these issues are hindering both potential growth as well as cost saving opportunities for the UKs small businesses.

This report has been created using data across 2 million small businesses as well as the thousands of interactions with Handle our customers have every day. Like Handle we want this report to provide an honest and unbiased analysis of small business digital data and what challenges and opportunities that creates for small businesses across the entire UK.

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