How to create your own Facebook business page

Facebook pages are a great way to spread the message of your business, connecting with customers and improving online presence.

So, I’m going to walk you through how to set up your own businesses Facebook page successfully.

The first step, make sure you’re logged into your personal Facebook account, the account you use to create the page will be the page creator and will need to give permissions to anyone else who needs access to edit your Facebook page.

Facebook page set up for business

Next, click the little drop down arrow on the right-hand side of your browser and then click ‘Create Page’.

Choose your purpose

Facebook business page set up options

Facebook gives you 6 different options to choose from. Make sure you choose the correct page for your business as this is what your page will be listed as.

As an example here is our Facebook page. As you can see we are listed as a business service.

Handle Facebook page business information

Once you’ve chosen your businesses purpose you’ll be asked to input some information about your business. 

Facebook page business information

Make sure to include your business address and business phone number as this information will be visible on your Facebook page.

Build your page 

Now you’ll be presented with a blank page that you’ll need to populate.

Blank Facebook business page

Firstly, I would recommend you choose a @username that relates to your businesses name, obviously, due to the number of pages already on Facebook, some usernames will already be taken, so in the case that your desired username is taken you should try and stick to your business name as closely as possible.

Then choose a profile picture, this needs to be something that people will instantly recognise and associate with your business. This makes it easier for existing and potential customers to find your page.

Your cover photo offers many possibilities it can be a way of further pushing your brand image, it can be used to display contact information or it can be updated with product releases, promotions, events anything you can think of that will excite your customers and fans. 

Make the most of your description box. You want people to find out all they need to know about your business in that short space. Use keywords that people might search for on Facebook when looking for your business. Using keywords will also add a small helping hand to your rankings in search engines.

Tell fans about your business

Facebook business information page

Make sure you add your business information into the 'about' section of your page and keep it up to date as this is where potential customer will look when searching for information about your business. In your about section you can input:

  • Opening hours – Let customers and potential customers know exactly when your business hours are.
  • Parking – Make it as easy as possible for people to visit your business by providing information about nearby parking.
  • Price range – Before people visit your website you can inform them of price points that your business works between.
  • Business launch date – Inform people of how long your business has been running for.
  • Additional contact information – You can include additional email addresses or telephone numbers for people to get in touch with your business.
  • Business story – Let people who visit your Facebook page know your businesses story, your USP, where you've been and where you're going.

Add a button

Facebook business page buttons

Make it easier for existing and potential customers to connect with your business by adding a button to your page. Choose the button that best suits your business, product or service.

  • Book services or start order – this button would be useful for any business that makes reservations or takes orders. For example restaurants, beauty salons or taxi services.
  • Get in touch has a variety of button options; call now, contact us, send message, sign up and send email. This button would enable people to contact your business directly so make sure to choose your preferred upon contact method.
  • Learn more or watch video – This will redirect the person to a website page/blog post/video whatever you like. This could be a product demo, a page about your business, anything that you think will encourage a conversion.
  • Make purchase, donation or shop now – This is a good button for shops, charities or ecommerce stores.
  • Download app or game – Whether your business is app based, if you’re a game creator or if it’s a promotional strategy this button when clicked will redirect to download an app or game.

Your Facebook page can also act as a feedback platform where your customers can leave reviews. People can leave ratings and comments about your business and it's a good way to connect with customers, handle negative feedback and forge relationships with your happiest customers. 

And there you have it, your finished Facebook page. 

Activate Facebook on Handle

Now all you need to do is activate Facebook in your Handle social report. To do this you will be asked to sign in to your Facebook account, if you’re not already. Then you’ll need to give Handle permission to access your account information, but don’t worry, Handle only uses this information to populate your social and feedback reports. 

If you have more than one page connected to your Facebook account then you’ll need to choose the page that you want Handle to evaluate. 

Then you’re done! Handle will populate your social report with the data given on your Facebook page.

If you need any help with activating your Facebook page or your social report you can get in touch with us at [email protected].