How to read your reports

If you've just finished activating all of your reports, and now you want to know the next step. Check out the video below and get the most out of your reports.

Just a warning, the video is 9 minutes long, if you don't want to sit through all of it, don't worry. The transcription is below.


Hi, welcome to Handle the digital dashboard for busy small business owners. Handle brings all the critical information from your website, your social media channels and your feedback. If you’re a limited business it also combines your director credit scores and your business credit scores along with your company financials.

Rather than just reporting back all of our information, Handle actually uses your information to create personalized for each section so not only do you know what’s good and what maybe could do with improving but also how you can go about improving each area.
Let’s dive in and take a look at our quick and easy sign up journey. We’ll have you unlocking the power from your digital data from your business. Simply choose your business, select the plan you’d like and get started connecting your accounts to Handle.

Excellent we’re in.

As you can see you’ll end on the dashboard and because we haven’t added any of our accounts yet the dashboard is empty. Let’s start by connecting our website. We like to practice what we preach here at Handle. We’re a small business just like you, so we use our own tool to assess our own performance.

Handle is now analysing our website, this will take a couple of seconds, but while were waiting for that to happen, let’s go and collect our social media channels.

At the moment, Handle let’s you connect your business Facebook page and your Twitter account. How we connect to Facebook is through this secure API. It doesn’t allow us to post anything on your behalf, it just allows us to see what you’re doing, how many people engage with you and how ctive your performance is across Facebook.

Great, Facebook has been connected to Handle. Let’s go ahead and connect Twitter.

You can see while we’ve been connecting our social media channels, Handle has analysed and returned the website report. So let’s go and take a look at that.

Great so here is the score for the Handle website, as you can see we score 475 out of 1000, so we’ve got plenty of room for improvement. And you can see here that we’re slightly behind other Handle users. You can toggle this to see how we’re performing against people in our region and how we compare to people in our industry. So, we’ve got quite a bit of work to do against people in our industry. This is a really useful way for you to benchmark how your business compares to other businesses like yours.

Let’s dig into the detail and understand a little bit about why our score is what it is.
So, as you can see we break down that score into the three areas which we believe are most important to a successful website.

Firstly, can people find it. Once they find it do they use it and can they use it and also do they trust it. So are they willing to share information or make a purchase from you.

Let’s open this first card, because this is red I want to what it is about our website that makes it difficult for people to find. As you can see we’ve analysed the SEO performance of the Handle website and based on our brand search we are 20+ ranking in Google and 20+ ranking in Bing. So, plenty of work for us to do there.

I can also go and check different search terms if I want to know how I’m performing for other terms, which are valuable to me. It also gives me a view of backlinks, so, there’s definitely some work I can do there to improve that.

It also tells us when the website was registered. So, I mentioned at the start that we create personalised action plans. I want to know how I can improve my search ranking so let’s go and take a look at how I could do that.

Awesome, this is my action plan for how I can make the Handle website easier to find in the search engines. I’ve got a list of actions that I can take here. If I click into one of these, it’s going to bring up some specifics that I can go away and do.

Super, so this action is about ensuring that my website sitemap is up-to-date. It’s probably quite a technical task, fortunately there’s a useful resources here from Moz to help me understand what it is and how I can do that. Also there’s some other helpful tools here which if I want some help in, how I can reach more people online, these guys might be able to help me. And finally, if I get really stuck we’re all here to help. You can reach out to us and we will do our very very best to help you succeed.

Let’s go back into the report and see what else I can do to improve.

So, here you can see we’re highlighting there’s a lack of links from other websites. I want to know to know how I go about building those links to the Handle website. Again, I’ve got a personalised action plan, specifically for me based on my website information that I’ve provided. This is a plan that I can quickly go through and knock off, to start my link building activity. That’s really useful. I now want to go and have a look at the social report and see if there’s any work I can do to improve that.

So, as you can see while I’ve been looking at the website report, Handle has gone and found the data from our Facebook page and from our Twitter handle and has built the social report for us.

Let’s go and take a look at that.

As we saw with the website report, my social score is at the top and you can see that we’re actually doing a bit better than businesses that are in our sector, so that’s really great news. But there’s still room for improvement. So if we scroll down again we can see those three cards that we believe are the most important elements of a successful social media strategy.

How often are you sharing, so are you posting regularly enough. How far you can reach, can you reach enough people with your social channels and of those people how many of them engage with you. You can see we’re on amber on reach and engage so I\m going to go and take a look at this and see what I can do to improve.

For this section I can see that my reach across Twitter is OK, but Facebook is low. I really need to do some work with my Facebook reach. So, below we’ve got an analysis of Twitter specifically. So my followers and following and then the ratio. Then interestingly here, my followers followers. So what’s my total network, which is 10 million, which sounds a lot but actually compared to my average is 16 million, there’s still some work to do there.

But, what I’m really interested in is Facebook. That was the red area of this report. I want to know how I can go and improve that. So our Facebook page has only got 63 likes, the average in my industry is almost 6,000. We’ve got a long way to go, how do I get there.

I click here, and go through to my personalised action plan to help be build my Facebook fans.

Awesome, here we are. So Handle knows we are very early days with our Facebook account so it’s given me a beginner’s guide. What I can do to go and improve our Facebook page. Some other actions here that I can follow but as it’s early days I want to start with the stuff which is easy. So, I’m going to go and take a look at this.

Super, I’ve got a useful guide here. It’s only four minutes long, but it’s going to give me a great overview of how I can improve my Facebook page.

I’ve got a connection here to buffer which is a tool which can actually help me execute and exactly as you saw in the website report you can reach out to us at any point if you need help across any of the reports in Handle.

I’m going to take a look at that later. I’m just going to jump back to the dashboard.
As you can see we’ve got the three other sections of Handle still to active. So, you can connect your customer feedback platforms across Google, Trustpilot and Facebook.

You can also connect financial information and company credit information and understand your credit score and how that potentially impacts your opportunity to get finance or to get better payment terms from your suppliers. Handle brings all of this information into one place and gives you, the small business owner, an overview of the areas most critical to your business. It also unlocks the areas that you can improve. The actions you can take today to make your business better.