Introduction to FSB Business Profiling

If you want to know more about Handle and how it can help your business, check out the video below and get some advice from our very own Ross Cox.

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Hi, I’m Ross, from FSB Business Profiling and I’m going to explain to you why FSB Business profiling is important to the success of your small business. Right now, today, and why the decision to give it a try is a simple one.

I’m going to demonstrate how it can help you with your most important challenge, cash flow. By helping you gain customers, retain the ones you’ve got, get better payment terms and save money.
I’m going to show you how easy it is to use, what you get from it and how it will continue to add value month on month. I’m going to do that through this introduction and a series of product demonstrations.
I’m going to tell you what digital means for a small business and why FSB Business Profiling allows you to turn it from something that you’re wary of to a great opportunity.

In just two days we create as much information as we did in between the dawn of civilisation and 2003.

We leave big online footprints everywhere, as people, as large corporate organisations and as small businesses. A quick trip to Google lets me see website marketing, social media interactions, customer opinions, your creditworthiness and financial health. I don’t need to ask you for that information, with a small amount of skill I can find exactly what I need and pass judgement.

Imagine booking a holiday today by just looking in a brochure. That seems like a pretty brave decision with all the readily available information online. Who wouldn’t check TripAdvisor, the website, the Facebook page of the hotel, cross reference prices, pictures and customer reviews to make a decision. And that phenomenon is limited to hospitality, I can do my online research if you sell furniture, financial advice, sportswear, health and safety consultancy, anything really. And why wouldn’t I? It saves the investment of checking it out directly and having a conversation with you and potentially wasting my time. So your goods and services could be fantastic but if your digital profile isn’t you will lose out, and that risk is increasing every day.

Ok, but is that really a risk? Well:

  • 79% of people buy goods and services online.
  • 88% of people say their buying decision was impacted by online reviews.
  • 59% of people use social media to check on products, promotions and customer sentiment.
  • And 100% of limited businesses in the UK have a business credit score, that’s used to dictate finance and supply payment terms.

And on top of all that a recent report by the Lloyds Bank, suggested that small businesses that actively manage their digital profile, are twice as likely to report increased turnover.

So all that sounds a bit scary, complicated and importantly it sounds time-consuming. How can you run your business if you’re trying to do all that?

Well, that’s where FSB Business Profiling comes in. It gives you what you need and helps you save time by sharing everything in one place.

It doesn’t assume you have a doctorate in digital media, it gives you that information in a language you understand. It gives you context and meaning to how you’re doing by comparing you to other businesses. It shows you how to get better by offering tips and guidance on how to improve. And it warns you of any problems as they arise, by providing you with alerts.

So can you afford not to?

That’s ultimately up to you. But here’s some compelling reasons why you should spend just 5 minutes signing up to get your two free reports.

  1. Firstly, it’s the only place you can see your business credit score for free through exactly the same lens a lender would use. It’s also the only place, for free, that you can see what payment terms both the amount and the time period that the credit bureau recommends your supplier give you. Which is huge for your cash flow.
  2. It’s the only platform that lets you see unsolicited customer reviews across multiple feedback sites, alerting you to negative feedback that you didn’t know existed.
  3. It’s the only platform that ensures you understand how you’re doing and what you need to fix when it comes to your website and social media. Before you spend a fortune with web designers and social media consultants.
  4. And it also lets you check your monthly update, the value that you derive from using those designers and social media consultants.
  5. It’s the clearest way for you to understand whether your financial filings are up to date and your published financial affairs are accurate.

OK sales pitch over, let’s take a look at what it does.