New, deeper Facebook integration unlocked

We listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce a major update to Handle today, as we launch a new deeper integration with Facebook.

  1. Analyse your different social media channels side by side
  2. Advanced social media calculations
  3. Facebook Reviews in your feedback report

Depending on your current activated reports, you may not have access to all of the new updates. But don’t worry we’re working hard to get all reports updated for each user.

Scores split by channel

Each of your social report metrics are now split by individual channel. You will now be able to see separate scores for your Twitter and Facebook accounts side by side, making it easier for you to see which channel is performing the best.

Advanced social calculations

We are constantly analysing and refining all of our report calculations to ensure they are accurate and representative for every Handle user. With the new deeper integration with Facebook we have extra data which has helped us refine the social report calculations.

We have also included a refinement to the social engagement score to provide a more proportionate analysis of how engaged your social media followers are.

Facebook Reviews

Lots of you told us that you use Facebook to gather reviews for your business, this was the main reason we focused on a deeper integration with Facebook. Handle is now be able to connect to and analyse your Facebook review data so you can see at a glance what your customers are saying about you and what that means for your business.

Why it matters to your business

This update is the first of a series of major improvements coming to Handle, based on your feedback and designed specifically to help you make better decisions in your business.

Your social report metrics will now be broken down by channel so you can clearly see where you’re winning and where there are opportunities for improvement. Each social channel is very different and can be used in different ways to reach different audiences so you need to be able to see if your activity is delivering what your business needs.

The addition of Facebook reviews to the feedback report makes it possible for you to activate your feedback report if you haven’t been able to yet and also collate your customer reviews and ratings in one place if you use multiple platforms.

Need help with your social media strategy?

Take a look at how we use our Handle social media report to set and manage our own social media strategy.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this feature or any of the new updates, let us know at [email protected]

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