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The brand new Handle Small Business Insight Report for Q2 2017 shines a light on the digital performance of UK small businesses and how those that take control of their entire digital profile generate more leads, sales and cash. Follow these 2 simple steps to get your copy:

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About the Q2 Handle Small Business Insight Report
This is the latest Handle Small Business Insight Report created using data across 2 million small businesses as well as the thousands of interactions we have with Handle customers every day.

While the world is full of uncertainty, one thing remains the same – people are increasingly going online to make decisions about your business.

The UK macro economic climate shows no signs of stabilising. Brexit negotiations may have begun but we are nowhere nearer knowing what it will mean for small businesses in the UK. While there may be a general sense of unease around Brexit, for most small businesses priorities remain the same; driving sales, reducing cost and staying on top of cash flow. Almost two-thirds of small businesses that embrace ‘digital’ report an increase in turnover, so it's no surprise that more UK SME's are racing to take control of their digital profile.

I’m excited to see that we have doubled the size of our user base in the last 3 months, so this edition of our report provides even greater insight into where UK small businesses are currently thriving and where they need to improve. What’s most encouraging is that the small businesses using Handle to manage, monitor and improve their digital profile have seen a 20% increase in digital performance.

We’re continuously improving Handle based on feedback from our customers and with the recent releases of our new and improved website, social media and feedback reports, Handle is now able to provide small business owners with a much deeper understanding of their digital performance and more importantly, tell them what to fix and how.

This report highlights our view of the overall digital health of UK small businesses, the challenges faced by specific industries and the variation in digital performance across the regions.

Discover how businesses in your industry or area are performing right now and how you compare.

Download the latest Handle Small Business Insight Report by following these 2 steps:

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