Social Media Master – Wk 4: Refocus the strategy

We like to practice what we preach here at Handle. As a small business ourselves we like to use our own Handle account to monitor our digital profile. This is the fourth instalment of a weekly series reflecting on how I have used our Handle social report to improve our strategy and gain results. Hopefully, this will give you ideas for your own social strategy and help you further understand how you can use Handle to your advantage. This week I have focused on restructuring our strategy to improve the weak areas that Handle has highlighted.

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Our Handle social report refreshed this week, enabling us to see how the changes made in the past three weeks have affected our social score.

Our results:

  • Handle’s follower strength has risen above the average user
  • Our update frequency has remained the same
  • The engagement score has decreased

This shows that not enough time is being spent engaging with other users and not enough users are engaging with us. This will be factored into the strategy. I will allow more time to reply to users and interact with followers and their tweets.

social strategy handle report

Our overall social report has increased from 359 to 468, which is above the average Handle user, proving that the changes made over the past three weeks have improved our social presence. Now I need to focus on keeping the score rising and increasing the engagement score.

social strategy handle engagement score social strategy handle follower strength

Key statistics:

  • Number of followers – 220
  • Number of following – 249
  • Likes on Facebook – 51
  • Fans on LinkedIn - 55

To increase our engagement and follower strength score I have been concentrating on engaging with users tweets using likes, retweets and mentions. This creates awareness of our profile if the user isn’t already following us or if they are, it creates the opportunity for a two-sided-conversation that can then be seen by their following.

An ongoing task that is an integral part of the social strategy is the analysis of posts, content, engagement and reach, which is compiled into a document, you can download our reporting template here if you want to want to analyse your own social media posts. This makes it possible to analyse what content is being engaged with the most and what isn’t, so that the strategy can be adjusted accordingly. In our case, the content that has been getting the most engagement are articles about Handle, office updates, infographics and authoritative sourced articles. Moving forward the social strategy will be adjusted to include more of this type of content and our own curated content.

We will be following our social media progress over the next few weeks in a series of blog posts. If you've missed our previous posts in the series click the links below to be redirected.

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