Sign-up to FSB Business Profiling

Signing up to FSB Business Profiling takes just 2 minutes, the video below will walk you through how.

If you aren't able to watch the video, don't worry. We've transcribed the information below.


Hi, I’m Ross from FSB Business profiling. FSB Business Profiling is brought to you by Handle. I’m going to show you how easy it is to sign up to FSB Business Profiling in just a couple of minutes.

The first screen that you’ll see, is the create account screen.

All we need from you here is the email address you use for your business and a password. Once you’ve input both those pieces of information, click create my account.

Next thing we need to do is find your business.

So type in the name of your business in the box provided and then click find your business. You’ll be presented with a list of relevant options. Have a look through the list and see if you can find your business.
If you can’t it might be that you’ve misspelt it, so double check what you put in the box in the first place. If you still can’t find your business, don’t worry, it might be for a couple of reasons. Firstly your business might not be limited or your business is limited but it isn’t on the list provided. In either case, you can click one of the buttons below, and we’ll collect some additional information that’ll allow you to continue with the sign-up process.
If your business is listed, simply click on the name and then click continue.

The next screen asks you if you’re a director of the business and presents you with a list of names for the directors of your business.

  • If you’re not a director of the business, you can continue to use FSB Business Profiling, but you won’t be able to access the credit and finance data.
  • If you are a director but not listed, you can click the button below and we’ll collect some additional information from you that will allow you to continue with the sign-up process.
  • If you are a director and your name is listed, simply click on the name that applies and then click continue.

Finally, you’ll need to complete the ‘choose your plan’ page.

For an FSB member, you get two free reports. All we need to do is validate that you are indeed an FSB member, and we do this by asking you to input your FSB member number in the box provided. We’ll then ask you to click to confirm your FSB member number. And then click continue below.

Once we’ve verified your FSB member number, we’ll take you through to the screen that allows you to set up your FSB Business Profiling dashboard.

For more information about account and report set-up, click the links below:

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  5. Feedback Report Set-Up
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