Social Media Master: Digital Insights - Wk 9 & 10

This is the ninth and tenth week of our social media master blog series rolled into one. The past couple of weeks have been super busy and exciting as we have been working on our quarterly small business digital insights report, take a look if you haven’t already.

Pages of the Handle small business insight report Q1 2017

So, in this post I will cover what has happened in the past couple of weeks and how we are planning to spread the message of our digital insights report through our social media channels.

LinkedIn impressions

LinkedIn Impressions Digital Insight

In the last post where I talked about live social posting and live video, I highlighted how we had an interesting LinkedIn anomaly, where a single post reached over 4,000 people, 200% more than our usual reach numbers. Because of this I wanted to test how the LinkedIn algorithm is calculating the types of engagement that will which posts to present to this wider audience and what types of engagement will keep our posts in peoples feed for longer.

To conduct this test I roped in the rest of our business. The employee advocacy programme that I introduced in my week 5 post about encouraging social engagement was a helpful tool to enhance this test. I asked everyone in the office to click of our LinkedIn posts, they didn’t have to like or share but could if they so wished. As planned we drove a higher than usual number of link clicks for that post and again saw a corresponding uplift on our impression volume.

LinkedIn Test

The post reached 3,058 people, which isn’t as high as the original anomaly but is still a 100% increase on our usual impressions numbers. Which suggests that if LinkedIn posts are engaged with through clicking and reading then it will be shown to more people either through secondary networks or by retention in the newsfeed.

While we were able to get the post to more people, because we were forcing that reach with our own networks we didn’t get the ongoing natural clicks from that audience to deliver the greater reach of the original post.

This highlights how important it is to create content that people want to read. I found this post from Buzzsumo helpful when it came to brainstorming content ideas.

This is where our quarterly insights report comes into play.

Our report highlights the current state of the digital nation for small businesses. A subject we hope will be interesting both from a comparison point of view and also highlighting some of the areas that can be improved. I have created social posts and assets highlighting interesting snippets of the report to share across our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Digital Insights Report Social Assets

These consist of images taken from the report and snapshots of information. Which we hope will grab people’s attention and spread the message of Handle and how digital is an integral part of a small business.

I will report back over the next couple of weeks with how well this has performed from a social view and how much conversion it created for our business.


The main takeaways from this post are:

  • Create content that your target customer/audience are interested in.
  • Test post engagement. This will help you see how to create further reach and impressions for your posts.

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