Take action with your personalised plans

As part of all five Handle reports; Website, Social, Feedback, Credit & Finance you get a list of specific actions to take so that you can improve your digital profile.

In the new Handle website report you will be presented with your very own personalised action plan for each metric.

In the original reports (Social, Feedback, Credit & Finance) you will find your actions at the top of each report, this consists of three actions that will help your business improve the weaker areas of each report.

New website action plans

Handle search position action plan

Your personalised action plan shows you relevant actions varying in impact and difficulty, depending on your businesses performance scores.

Within each action you are presented with three options to help implement.
Handle research your keywords action
Do it yourself – Here you are supplied with a resource to help you implement the action yourself.

Get some help – If you lack the time or expertise to make the suggested changes then get someone to help you. We’ve sourced and curated different tools and services that can help you improve.

And finally, Support – Get in touch with us with any queries and we’ll have the team member best able to help answer your questions about implementing your actions.

Report Actions

Within each of the other reports, (Social, Feedback, Credit & Finance) you are presented with three actions that we recommend you take to improve your report score and your business in that area. Handle social report actions

These actions change on a monthly basis dependent on your scores so when your reports update each month we'll let you know so that you can check out your next set of personalised actions and continue to improve.

If you have any questions about your actions, or if you have any general questions regarding Handle, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].