The new and improved Handle social report is here!

Following hot on the heels of the new website report, the new Handle social report has just landed.

New handle social report moving image

So let’s get stuck into the detail of what’s in the new report.

Just like the old social report, Handle gives you an overall score for your social media performance out of 1000, this is compared to your chosen benchmark, like the website report, you can now change this from within the social report using the arrows below your score. Compare your business to competitors in your industry, local businesses or all Handle users. Handle social report overall score and benchmark toggle Below that score you now get your social score broken down across three cards so you can take a deeper dive into each section of your social performance:
  • Share
  • Reach
  • Engage
Handle social report cards, Share, Reach, Engage


The amount that you share to your social channels can positively or negatively affect your social performance. In the share card, you will find metrics for your Twitter and Facebook update frequency. Handle social sharing scores and metrics You are given a chart of your business’s update frequency in comparison to your chosen benchmark. Make sure you are updating at least at the same frequency as your competitors, if not they could be reaching and engaging your potential customers.

You are also given separate metrics for Twitter and Facebook, showing the average time between posts. Twitter and Facebook have different audiences that engage with different content, so each of these channels needs a separate posting schedule. Make sure that you’re posting the right amount to each of these channels to keep your business in front of your followers and potential customers.


The more reach you get on your social channels the more people will see your posts and therefore your business. So, in your reach card, you will find the strength of your followers and follower ratio for Twitter plus Handle shows you your current number of Facebook fans. Handle social reach scores and metrics Having a good follower to following ratio shows that people want to hear what you have to say. Conversely, if you're following lot's more people than follow you, it might indicate that you aren't that interesting or that you're using Twitter primarily to gather information rather than provide it.

Your followers, followers shows how far your existing Twitter audience could spread the message of your business. Gaining influential followers or having a good amount of followers will increase your potential reach. When someone with a large following engages with one of your posts it will reach further afield than an engagement from someone with a small following. Getting these power users to engage with your content regularly is key.

Keeping track of your Facebook likes will enable you to monitor your progress as you take steps to improve your Facebook strategy.


Having an engaged following shows that you are posting content your audience loves. In your engage card, you are shown engagement scores for Twitter and Facebook over the past month, and the average amount of likes, retweets and shares that you get. Handle social engagement scores and metrics Your engagement score is compared to your chosen benchmark. This allows you to see how engaged your following is compared to others in the same industry, region or all other Handle users.

The more engagement you get on Twitter and Facebook the further your posts will reach. Retweets and shares are more valuable than a like or comment as these get directly shared with the sharer's audience.

Total social media engagements

6 month overall social media engagement graph At the bottom of your social report, Handle gives you a view of the total number of social engagements you have had over the past 6 months. This is the number you ultimately want to drive. The graph allows you to track whether any of your specific campaigns or any changes to your content have pushed or decreased engagement. If you notice any spikes in engagement you should go back and understand what drove that so you can replicate in the future to keep engagement rates high and put your business in front of more of the right people.

Take action and improve today

For every area of your social report Handle creates personalised action plans to help you improve. When you spot something you feel you could do better, simply click the green buttons and you'll be taken to a personalised action plan, based on your social media data and designed to help you improve that specific area. These action plans should help you understand what to do to improve and provide you with resources, tools and services to help you make those changes. Improve your social media with Handle action plans Well there you have it, the overview of the new and improved Handle social report.

If you have any questions about the new social report or if you just want to share your opinion, let us know at [email protected].