The new and improved Handle website report is here!

We’re super excited to announce the new and improved website report, which is now available to all Handle users.

The team here at Handle have been working hard. We’ve spent a lot of time talking to lots of you, to find out exactly how the Handle website report could give you better insight. We’ve created the new report to reflect those findings and hopefully help you as busy business owners, understand how you can make your website a more effective lead and sales machine.

This blog will walk through what's in the new report but if you want to find out more about why we’ve made these changes then you can read about the process we’ve been through in our previous blog ‘Coming soon: the new Handle website report’.

Watch: See the new website report in action

All new layout.

From the feedback we received about the original website report, our customers found the existing website report layout slightly confusing and it was difficult to see exactly how their website needed improving. So, we’ve changed the layout to make it easier to see which areas need to be improved. Plus we’ve made the layout clearer and more visual.

Handle website report overview GIF

Just like the original website report we still give you a score based on your websites overall performance. You can now quickly toggle who you compare your website score with from within the report, either:
  • Businesses in the same industry
  • Businesses in the same region
  • All other Handle users
This will give you a good view of how well your website is doing in comparison to other small businesses. If your score is higher than your benchmark great, but if it’s lower it shows that work needs to be done to improve your website and get your website up to the same standard as your competitors.

Below the overall website score we give you three separate cards, which are named; find it, use it and trust it. The three important areas that any business website needs to be mindful off when considering their customers online journey.

Handle website report, find it, use it, trust it cards

Each card has a score for how well that particular part of your website is doing. These cards can all be expanded so you can get into the detail.

Find it

Handle website report find it overview

In the find it card you will see data relating to your websites search ranking, the amount of links to your website and the age of your website. All of these elements affect how well people, prospects and customers can find your website. If your website search ranking is low, people that search for your company name won’t be able to find your business easily, so might go to a competitor’s website instead.

The amount of links to your website helps improve your search ranking as Google and Bing take into account how many authoritative and trustworthy links point back to you. The more links the better.

The age of your website can also affect your search ranking as a younger website doesn’t have enough content or backlinks to boost its SEO.

All of these elements add up to an overall find it score, which measures how well your website can be found online.

Use it

Handle website report use it overview

In the use it card you will find your website speed and mobile optimisation score. Having a well-optimised website makes it easier for your customers to use and navigate. Customers don’t want to have to wait ages for a page to load, or have to move onto a desktop to view it.

If your website takes too long to load or isn’t mobile optimised it may result in a potential customer going to a competitor who is better able to serve that person at that time on that device.

Trust it

Handle website report trust it overview

In the trust it card you will find your websites security information regarding SSL certificates. Having an SSL certificate makes your website more secure for customers who purchase or input details through your website. This makes your website more trustworthy and could make the difference when converting a prospect into a customer. It’s also worth highlighting that search engines consider the presence of an SSL certificate when making decisions about your search ranking.

Also in the trust it card, you will see a coming soon block. We are currently working on how we can include information to highlight the potential vulnerability of your website to malicious attacks. This is vital information particularly if your business takes online orders. Website downtime or loss of data could have serious implications for any business so it’s critical to have this information to hand.

Website visitors

Handle website report website visitors graph

At the bottom of the website report is a graph that shows the estimated amount of visitors your website has received over a 6 month period. This will indicate if any campaigns have pushed website traffic or if any changes have negatively affected the amount of people visiting your website.

Start improving

Handle website report action improvements

Within each card you will be able to take actions to improve or optimise each individual area. Whether you have a low score in a particular area or are doing well, we create a customised action plan specific to each area for your website. When you click on a button you will be taken to your own personalised action plan for that area and the steps you can take to improve.

Handle website report action plan overview

In this example, you can see when I want to find out more about improving my search ranking, Handle has pulled together a number of things to help me improve my search ranking.

Handle website report action plan resources overview

When you click on an individual action, you will be shown a link to the relevant resource as well as tools and services to help you improve. From here you can also offer get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the actions or resources.

We hope these improvements to the website report will allow you to pinpoint the areas of your website that are succeeding and the areas that need to be improved. The personalised action plans will enable you to improve each area of your website, whether you do the work yourself, pass on to a colleague or outsource.

If you have any questions about the new website report or if you just want to share your opinion, let us know at [email protected].

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