The new and improved Handle feedback report is here!

After the success of Handles new website and social report, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Handle feedback report.

New handle feedback report moving image

So, what can you expect in the new Handle feedback report?

Just like the initial feedback report Handle will generate a score out of 1,000 for your overall feedback performance and compare it to your chosen benchmarks performance. Handle will analyse your Trustpilot, Facebook and Google reviews.

Handle feedback report card screenshot

The new report will be split into three cards, that analyse if your reviews are:

  • Good
  • Regular
  • Well managed

So let’s take a look at each of these cards.

Are your reviews good?

Handle feedback report good card

In this card you will find two metrics, your average ratings and percentage of negative reviews. Your average ratings are calculated using the data from each of your review platforms to generate an average star rating for each.

Here you’ll be able to see what percentage of your reviews are negative, giving you a view of how happy customers are with your business, product or service. Unfortunately Google don't give access to information on amount of negative reviews so Handle won’t be able to populate this metric.

Are your reviews regular?

Handle feedback report regular card

In this card you can see how regularly you’re getting reviews on your Trustpilot and Facebook accounts. Google don’t provide access to this information.

Here you can see how many reviews you have on each platform, the amount of days in-between reviews and the ratio of positive and negative reviews on each platform.
When a potential customer searches for reviews online, they are less likely to trust reviews that are old as this isn't a accurate view of the business now. Making sure that your business is getting regular reviews will prove that your business is actively attracting customers regularly.

Are your reviews well managed?

Handle feedback report well managed card

Responding to negative feedback can make or break how a relationship with a customer continues, making sure that customers problems are resolved will show other potential customers a high standard of customer service, plus it actively manages any fall out that the negative review might cause.

In this card you will be able to analyse how well your business is managing the feedback it receives with the average number of negative reviews responded to and the average amount of time it has taken for you to respond to negative feedback.

Start improving your feedback strategy

Handle feedback report action plan

Within each of the above cards, Handle creates a personalised action plan to help you take the next steps to improve each individual metric. You will be shown hand-picked actions to specifically help you improve the areas that are weaker in your feedback performance.

Handle will then supply resources, services and offer help for you to save for later, or implement there and then.

Handle feedback report average ratings chart

At the very bottom of your feedback report, you will find your average ratings graph which plots your average ratings from Trustpilot, Facebook and Google over the past 6 months, allowing you to see if the changes you’ve been making to your feedback strategy have improved your ratings. Enabling you to track your average rating over time will highlight when ratings may have reduced or improving, allowing you to pinpoint what has caused this.

And there you have it, the new and improved Handle feedback report.

If you have any questions about your new feedback report or Handle in general, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].