3 top tips to keep active online over Christmas

As Slade would say ‘it’s Chriiiiistmaaasssssss!’

But unlike Slade, who I presume are lounging around making millions off the back of their Christmas hit, small business owners are moving at one thousand times the pace, implementing festive campaigns, preparing for Christmas sales and actively dealing with customer feedback and queries. There’s simply no time to stop and smell the mulled wine.

Well, I believe that even the busiest small business owner should have a break over the Christmas period.

That’s why I’ve pulled together three top tips to help you maintain your digital presence whilst having a well-deserved break.

Stay social

Pre-scheduling your social posts over the Christmas period will allow you to take a back seat. Here at Handle, we use Hootsuite to schedule our social content across; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But, pre-scheduling content doesn’t mean your posts have to be boring and bog standard, you can still get involved in trending conversations. Hubspot has covered all of the note-worthy days that will be Twitter trending in the run-up to the New Year. Allowing you to get involved in trending subjects, and put your business in front of more potential customers. 

Add these dates to your diary:

  • 21st: 1st day of winter #1stdayofwinter
  • 29th: Last work day of the year #NoInterruptionsDay
  • 31st: New Years Eve #NYE
  • And the obvious, Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day.

Pre-scheduling content takes a lot of forethinking. But it’s super easy to manage and maintain your social schedule with the content calendar that we use.

Conquer the Christmas content

Along with writing your social posts in advance, it’s also worth creating GIFs, videos or blog posts that you can schedule over your break.

The festive period sees a peak in social activity. Whilst your followers are letting their Christmas dinner settle slouched on the sofa, they’ll pick up their phone and scroll through their newsfeeds.

Make sure your business stands out from the masses by creating personalised festive content.

GIFs are my personal favourite and are a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to your timeline and engage your followers.

Creating a GIF of your team Christmas party or doing a festive leap into the snow is a good way to add an element of familiarity to your followers and encourage engagement.

Adding a friendly, recognisable face to your GIF, whether that’s your front of house, the face of your company or a well-known furry friend, is a good way to stand out from the streams of memes in your followers newsfeeds.

A good tool to create and source GIFs is GIPHY. Here’s our Head of Risk and Head of Ops nailing Xmas cocktails…

Give your customers a voice

After you’ve served up the best tasting Christmas dinner in your restaurant or you’ve managed to squeeze in a final MOT before your Christmas break with a smile on your face. These happy customers are going to want to let you know what an amazing job you’ve done.

Make sure you’ve got a platform available for customers to leave their reviews of your business easily accessible.

Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews are both free platforms that many people can easily access. Trustpilot is also a trusty tool to collect customer feedback.

Once you get back to the daily grind, make sure to reply to all the reviews you received over the festive period, thanking any positive and dealing with any negative.

Remember, a negative review doesn't necessarily mean a customer lost. You have the chance to turn them into a returning and loyal customer simply by listening to their needs and reacting accordingly.

Well, hopefully these tips and tricks will help you keep your business active over the Christmas period. So now all that’s left for me to say is…

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Handle!

Handle merry Christmas image

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and that the New Year brings plenty of opportunities for you and your business.

As always, if you want to get in touch with us you can email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.