Total digital transformation: SFS FIRE Engineering LTD

SFS FIRE Engineering headquartered in Slough is a family business that has been keeping its clients safe for over 20 years.

SFS FIRE’s use of technology is transforming the business. Not only does it ensure clients are provided with an excellent service, it also minimises disruption and reduces administration.

SFS Fire demonstration

Moving all of their servicing, invoicing and safety certificate issuance into a cloud-based system has improved efficiency for the business, ensuring that engineers spend their time helping clients and delivering value rather than filling in paperwork.

This adoption of a digital infrastructure for SFS FIRE also extends to their lead generation and customer management. They generate the majority of their new business online so currently have a heavy focus on optimising their website for mobile and how they can improve the online experience to improve new business conversion.

SFS FIRE are also embracing a digital content and social media strategy and have engaged a copywriter to proof, amend and publish blogs both to the website and across their social media channels.

Mike Smyth SFS Fire Managing Director

Managing director Mike Smyth said, "I’m not from a digital background but through Handle, I’ve come to understand how the whole ecosystem works can improve efficiency across the business and also how we can grow sales.

SFS FIRE is not just focused on getting new business, their customer base is large and loyal so actively seeking and sharing customer feedback on the website after every completed job, not only supports new and existing business but quickly highlights opportunities for any potential improvements to how they serve customers.

"We’ve built our business on our customer relationships. It’s vital we know exactly what our customers think so we can make sure we’re giving them exactly what they need.”

“I’m using Handle as a sense check on performance across the website while we get the new updates in place, but it’s pleasing to see the numbers across the wider business ticking up.”

“We recently filed our latest set of accounts which was picked up positively in the Handle credit and finance reports. This wider business monitoring gives me confidence, that our business is doing well.”