Which is the best social channel for your business?

If you’re new to social media or you don't know where your business should focus its attention, this is the article for you. Choosing the right social platform for your business will make sure that you're put in front of the best potential customers.

Each channel has a different audience, that engages with different content and each needs a different strategy. 

In this post, I will be covering the basics of:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Who’s on what, what to post where and how to engage your following. 

Facebook: The overview

Best social channel for business; Facebook logo

Facebook is used by many businesses to connect with customers, increase acquisition and create awareness. Facebook pages are suited to most, if not all, businesses.

At the rate that Facebook users scroll through their feeds, it takes something eye catching to make them pause. Facebook users love sharing videos, liking visual content and engaging with anything that takes less than 10 seconds to scan.

Facebook can be used for business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) marketing, however, B2B marketing on Facebook has to be considered differently.

If you sell B2B, you need to take into consideration the fact that businesses aren’t on Facebook… their owners and employees are. Meaning you have to create content that appeals to the people that run the business, business owners and employees.

For B2C businesses Facebook is a great way of connecting with customers, gathering feedback and increasing your customer acquisition.

Facebook: Less is more

Posting less content, but of a higher quality, is far better than posting loads of content that no one really wants to read. Buffer recently tested this theory with their own Facebook activity and the outcome speaks for itself.

Facebook: Extra bits

Facebook live – This feature allows you to live stream events, promotions, talks, pretty much anything that you think your Facebook audience would be interested in. Your fan base can then react to your live video, ask you questions and get involved, which is a useful way to engage your audience.

If you're struggling to reach your Facebook audience organically through your normal posts then live video does seem to get a positive lift in reach which means you will get your message in front of more people using this method. When you're done, the video is available on demand so anyone that missed you live can catch up at their leisure.

Facebook and Handle 

Facebook reach in Handle social report grpah

Handle uses your businesses Facebook page to determine; your update frequency, how engaged your fans are with your content and the amount of possible reach your fan base collectively has. This allows you to quickly understand whether you're posting often enough, how good your content is and how far you can potentially spread the word of your business through Facebook.

From these factors, Handle will show you which areas are performing well and which might need some improvement. Handle will create personalised action plans to help you push your Facebook performance to the next level.

Twitter: The overview

Best social channel for business; Twitter logo

Of all social media channels, Twitter is the network that you need to be the most active on. Your tweets can be no more than 140 characters, and the sheer volume of posts on the network means your audience's newsfeed moves fast. To get seen you need to be consistent and get creative with your copy.

Twitter is a great space to start conversations with customers, get involved in trending subjects and further push the reach of your business to more people.

Both B2B and B2C businesses are found on Twitter as the audience spans far and wide. But again, like Facebook, Twitter is a very fast paced environment and users scroll down their feed like there's no tomorrow, so update frequency is something that should be considered.

Twitter: Three’s the magic number

The rule of thirds is the best way to post on Twitter. Focusing on three different aims; promotion, insight and interaction.

Use one of your thirds to promote your business, whether that be a product release, deals, updates or just general business information.

The second third should be used to inform your following, this can be catered content that relates to your business and customers. Inform them on a current trend, hot topics, tips and tricks and everybody loves a good "how to".

The third is the easiest, but most important, engage with your following. Whether that is replying to them, starting a conversation or even getting involved in a relevant trending subject. Get stuck in and show that you are a customer orientated business.

Twitter and Handle 

Twitter engagement graph in Handle website report

Just like with Facebook, Handle can show you your business's Twitter performance for; update frequency, how engaged your followers are with your content and the total reach your followers have.

You can track your progress on Twitter over time and see if the changes you're making to your strategy are improving or reducing your performance.

LinkedIn: The overview

The best social channel for business LinkedIn logo LinkedIn is the business social network. Businesses and professional individuals use LinkedIn to connect to other's in their industry, network and recruit for their business. It is full of informative content that engages business individuals.

LinkedIn is great for both B2B and B2C businesses for two different ways. B2B businesses can use it as a way of connecting to businesses, selling their products or services and pushing conversions. B2C can use it as a way of recruiting talent and informing others of business news and updates.

LinkedIn: Quality, quality, quality

Just like Facebook less is more on LinkedIn, 1 post a day will do. You need to post content that professional individuals would find interesting. Buzzsumo have an informative article on the most successful topics on LinkedIn. These include how to's, lists and trending subjects.

LinkedIn and Handle 

As of yet, Handle and LinkedIn aren't integrated, but we're working on getting this to you in the near future so keep your eyes out for that.

Instagram: The overview

The best social channels for business; Instagram logo Instagram is a picture sharing network. It can be used by many businesses, as long as you’re willing to create high-quality content.

You can use Instagram to promote products, events, services, holidays, food, pretty much anything that you can create awesome pictures for.

For business, Instagram is predominantly a B2C marketing platform, however, there are some exceptions for B2B businesses that are in the creative sector and particularly now that Instagram can be used as an extension of the Facebook advertising platform, more and more B2B businesses are trying it out.

Instagram: Daily update

The amount of time to post on Instagram is an unresolved topic for many people, no one really knows the optimum amount of times to post, at least one post a day will keep your business in the eye line of your customers.

But you need to make sure this content is engaging, make sure it's on brand and try not to post the same image more than once. To create a cohesive looking profile use the same edits and effects so that each of your images has a consistent running theme.

Instagram: Extra bits

Instagram stories – Instagram Stories show at the top of your follower's homepage. You can create videos or pictures to post that aren't a specific post. This could offer your followers extra information, behind the scenes or sneak peaks. This is a particularly useful tactic to use to create a 'sticky' post at the top of your follower's news feed that is more likely to be seen and engaged with than a normal post in their news feed. Bear in mind stories only last 24 hours so having a stream of interesting and useful image based content is key.

Instagram and Handle 

Instagram is one of the next social platforms that will be integrated with Handle. This is in the pipeline for the near future so you'll soon be able to analyse your Instagram performance with Handle.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of insight into what each platform has to offer for your business.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us at [email protected].